Small Talk

“Where are you from?”


“Ah…. where in Germany?”

“I´m from the south, Black Forest. But I live in Berlin.”

“Oh, Berlin, cool. I heard it´s a great plac.”

(alternativ: “Berlin, cool. I was there last year. I really liked it.”)

“Yeah, it´s a great city, I love it.”

“So what are you doing in Berlin?”

“I studied anthropology and communications science”

“Wow, anthropology, that sounds interesting.”

Kurze Pause. Ich nicke mit dem Kopf.

„What are you going to do with that?“

“I wanna work as a journalist.”

“Journalist. Cool.”

“And how long are you traveling for?”

“Two months.”

“Nice. Where do you go next?”

“I´m not exactly sure yet. I´ll decide tomorrow.”

Das Gespraech verstummt. Bis ich sage: „And where are you from?“

All das spielt sich innerhalb von wenigen Minuten ab. Mindestens einmal am Tag. Jeden Tag.


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